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GenCon Prepping: A VDGN Snapshot

July 31, 2015

We often have visitors at our Fishers store ask who does our photography, who makes our displays, who designs the shirts, who prints our stickers, who prints our shirts... etc. The answer is simple, we do it all in-house (save for the talented help of Patrick Kolts). The process, however, is not so simple. We've slowly taken on each step as we've grown and acquired the means to pull it off. We started as a humble screen printer with a manual press and have since added high quality digital printing, professional design, and, of course, much more competitive screen printing capabilities. Our most recent project, preparing for GenCon weekend, seems like a good example to describe what type of work goes...

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The Critical Diptych

July 30, 2015

GenCon has finally returned to Indianapolis after a long, crazy year! I’m sure everyone has been preparing for it one way or another, some finishing up their glorious battle attire, others gearing up to take their waifu out in public, and still others just mentally prepping themselves to be surrounded by real, live human beings for considerable stretches of time (I know I fit into that latter category). No matter who you are, Vardagen’s thinking about you and has been doing some prepping of their own.

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