GenCon Prepping: A VDGN Snapshot

We often have visitors at our Fishers store ask who does our photography, who makes our displays, who designs the shirts, who prints our stickers, who prints our shirts... etc. The answer is simple, we do it all in-house (save for the talented help of Patrick Kolts). The process, however, is not so simple. We've slowly taken on each step as we've grown and acquired the means to pull it off. We started as a humble screen printer with a manual press and have since added high quality digital printing, professional design, and, of course, much more competitive screen printing capabilities.

Our most recent project, preparing for GenCon weekend, seems like a good example to describe what type of work goes into most of our new product releases (I'll try to abridge some of the more tedious details). 

I get a text from Jared, VDGN's owner and resident slightly mad visionary:

"This just in... we're setting up the kiosk at circle centre for gen con
Vardagen gen con theme design??"

I laughed and replied that I would give it some thought.

(see previous blog post for more details about design process)

I sketched it, showed some people, received positive response, and drew it up.

Shirts ordered, they come in Friday. Well... not all of them of course, because that would be too convenient.  UPS had a delayed trailer so the rest will come Monday instead. The guys at the shop print what we DO have like pros. The delay sets us back from getting everything prepared over the weekend. I guess that's what we get for doing everything the week before it needs done...We should have learned our lesson by now.

We get "Critical Miss" posted on social media and it seems like our moms like it! (just kidding, it's too violent for them.) It does seem to go over well though.

Monday the week of the convention arrives, as do the rest of our shirts, which we promptly print and tag. 

Then, we needed to get model and product shots up, so our media boys went through the painstaking process of getting the shoot set up and photos edited to match the other products on the site. 

Oh yeah, remember the whole kiosk thing? We actually ended up in an empty inline store with our friends at Retro101 and that is no small undertaking with just under 2 days till GenCon kicks off. We decided what we needed to do with the display and all scurried off in different directions to make it happen. Banners needed prepped and printed, products tagged and inventoried, display set up, and the internet informed pronto.

That just about sums it up. It's a bit of work but I guess we all live for it in our own ways so keep an eye out for the next thing we get ourselves into.


Daniel, Vardagen Designer



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