We Brag Blue and So Can You!

The Colts social media team reached out to us to design a limited edition t-shirt for them to use for giveaways.  After a quick brainstorm session Daniel got to sketching and came up with an awesome design!  Although we won't be selling these, you can have a chance to win one by following @colts on their social channels (Instagram  |  Facebook  |  Twitter).  You can also increase your chances of success by downloading the official colts app!

If you're not a lucky person don't feel defeated!  We're so pumped about this season that we are already throwing around some amazing ideas.  If you keep following us and are as fast as TY Hilton on fly route you'll end up with a great deal on some special designs!

Instagram.com/vdgn  |  Facebook.com/vardagen

See our Colts designs here!

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