As we enter Autumn

This morning, I saw that a friend of mine had some squat little pumpkins on his desk and I really woke up to the fact that the season is about to change again. In the midst of all the commotion going on around Vardagen the days quickly file by and the time has come, almost abruptly, to dive into creating some new designs for you, our friends.

This round, I am trying to get a clear image of what the rich Autumn ambience tends to inspire in us. I know many things have been attributed to this special time of year, but I'm not thinking of pumpkin spicing all over our brand... I believe Autumn induces something of a relieved mutual sigh. The sun's intensity will subside and our atmosphere will change it's palette to a warm, friendly, family of gold. 

While I realize that many of our designs have a contemplative quality to them, I feel the distinct calm exhibited by last year's Bluegrass Bluetick may notably influence the direction for some of this year's collection. However, as with most things, there is a starkly contrasting tendency; I feel the tug of the stranger, more cryptic corners of imagination willing me to free them. This, I know, will be welcomed by some and I certainly feel no remorse allowing those odd concepts to emerge and be seen. 

All this to say, expect a shiny new selection of fun to creep out soon. I'm about as unsure what to expect as you are...

VDGN Designer

oh, the mischief we could get into...

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