Knights of the Round City

Football season is finally back on and we’re ready to celebrate our team the best way we know how. We wanted to create a symbol for fans who value the integrity of the sport and believe that the Colts play a fierce but calculated game, the way it was intended to be played. The knight image emerged after sketching out numerous concepts and we liked the idea of the bold horse icon anchored firmly in it home, the Lucas Oil Stadium. 

It’s a little risky to try to communicate an idea like this without using big bold text and familiar iconography but we like to try to think of design in a different way. It’s more fun to get creative and push the boundaries of what people expect to get in a shirt design. After all, if we expect our team to do their best, why wouldn’t we do the same? So here’s to Blue and all of their loyal fans all around the Circle City!

VDGN Designer 

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