Above the Cut

I have to admit…I’m really jealous. I mean, how could I not be? Mackenzie has managed to take her Vardagen shirts to a whole new level of unique. Maybe I’m just too afraid to take scissors to a perfectly great t-shirt. Or maybe I’m afraid I’ll cut it all wrong and end up with something that looks more akin to a kindergarten craft project than clothing. Whatever the case may be, after seeing the masterpieces that are her hand “tailored” shirts, I think it’s worth the risk. She gave me the scoop: you don’t have to buy the shirt (or sweatshirt) in your size. You just grab a shirt and some scissors and go to town. Maybe that day, you’re feeling a little adventurous and you decide to make a small v-neck. Or maybe you play it safe and only cut the sleeves. Make it a fit for you! After all, cut is the new tailored. 


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