In Swedish, Vardagen means everyday. In Indianapolis, Vardagen means original, hand-drawn art created specifically for t-shirts, tanks, and sweatshirts. Vardagen is cool, casual, everyday streetwear crafted for those who want to live a little. Join the valiant few, a small brand doing big things.


T-shirts are the most basic fashion staple, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked or discredited. We view it as the foundation of a good outfit. It can be the binding piece, the strong first impression, or the insightful undertone that communicates how much you value your appearance. 

We started this brand to make graphic apparel at its most elevated state. Our focus is always on treating the t-shirt as an art form that's designed as a full product, rather than just a canvas for art to be applied to. It’s important that our customers receive a product that they know someone cared about.  Our customers aren't just a walking billboard for our logo.

You can get tshirts everywhere with virtually anything imaginable printed on them, but we know you'll be able to tell the difference when you feel the quality of our products in your hands.