Sure Shot Coffee


Sure Shot Coffee is an espresso bar located inside our flagship store in Fishers, IN.

Years ago, we created Vardagen in an effort to make quality, well designed t-shirts available to the picky apparel enthusiasts among us. This time our attention has turned to coffee. This iconic beverage is a daily experience for many of us and we were not satisfied with our options locally. Sure Shot was born as our take on this beloved social drink.

Coffee is such a great way to build community, and we really wanted to find a great local coffee shop in Fishers. But after waiting for one to show up, we decided that we needed to make it happen.

A lot of people might not realize they're drinking stale coffee day in and day out. We don't even think about where our coffee comes from, but after it's been roasted coffee is only good for about a week.

We make sure that our coffee is always freshly roasted, so you're getting the highest quality. Our beans are also purchased directly from farmer's, so not only are the beans extremely fresh, but the farmers are making a fair wage as well.

We think you'll love the difference that fresh, local coffee makes!